LoopX is an online coding platform that offers users to practice and develop their coding skills by solving coding challenges at different levels. LoopX is a product developed by Loop (KIDS MENTORING L.O.O.P. L.T.D.). LoopX reserves the right to make changes and close the website at any time, the way LoopX operates, looks, and the availability of the platform, products, and content that are given through it, without being required to inform anyone. Therefore, there will be no lawsuit, complaint, request, or demand from LoopX because of or connected to this. LoopX does not commit to updating the programs at any time. Students, Users, parents or organizations are asked not to make any decisions that are either solely or partially based on what is written on our website, including professional decisions, preferences, choices that they need to make, or anything else, without receiving information and independent advice from a professional who is unrelated to Loop or LoopX. Nothing that is written or said on this platform should be seen as a recommendation under any circumstances. Loop does not promise that the services offered on the site will not be interrupted, and/or will be given on schedule without any recesses or disturbances, and/or will be immune to unlawful access to the Loop servers, computers, damages, breakages, mishaps or malfunctions in hardware, software, or communication lines of Loop or its affiliate services or any of its service providers, and will not be damaged for any other reason. Loop will not be held responsible for any damage, distress, or anything else, whether directly or indirectly caused, that may be caused to your or your possessions through the use of this site, its information, and services.


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All copyrights on the platform, including content, challenges, ideas, design, software, application, graphic files, text, computer codes, and anything else included in the platform, are owned solely by the Loop and/or by the Loop’s service providers, and/or by its business partners, according to the subject. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, or publicly show, translate, or transfer to any third party, any part of the above without the explicit and prior permission from Loop, in writing. 


This platform and its owners abide by the laws of the State of Israel. A user wishing to submit a legal complaint to Loop will be allowed to file in any court in Tel-Aviv.



While using LoopX, you may be asked to leave your contact information. This is for the purpose of identification or contacting you regarding our services and/or products that the site offers. Besides that, Loop will ask you only for the information that is directly necessary to offer you the products and services. You are not legally required to give us this information, but you will not be able to enjoy part of our products and services without providing it. The information that you provide upon registration will be saved in our secured systems.

Loop will not forward the personal information to any third party, not including the video conference platforms, unless you have given us permission to do otherwise. In addition to your personal information, we will collect during your use of our site additional statistical information that you do not directly provide. 

Examples of information may include:

  1. Email address

  2. Full name or a nickname

  3. Coding score

  4. Current challenges

  5. Current courses

  6. Projects

  7. Exam results

  8. Recording group calls

  9. Session information

  10. Profile photo (Optional: At the child’s choice).

  11. Remote control at the child’s choice if a remote help is requested during the course.

  12. The child’s attendance

As we are committed to protecting the security of your Personal Information, we do our best and use several security technologies so we can protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We place administrative, physical, and technical procedures that are intended to protect the information we collect on the website.


In order to ensure the best experience while using our services, Loop uses cookies for routine handling and management, and included in this is gathering statistical data about the use of the site, and the verification of details. We collect this information in order to adapt the platform to your personal preferences, and in order to keep the platform’s information secure. 


We regularly update our policies (Terms of Service, privacy, and others) to reflect the evolution of our products, or in response to changing legal requirements, clarification requests, or user feedback. 


We might ask you to use, as part of our services, third-party apps in order to maximize your experience. Some of these might be for the following purposes:

Loop is committed to child safety while using online services. You may review or have the child’s personal information deleted. 

You may also refuse to permit further collection of the child’s information, in which case we will remove your child from the service and block him or her from using the platform.

To exercise any of these rights, contact us using: