About Us:

The LoopX story - a product by Loop

LoopX (2020) is a product developed by a professional and well-talented team at Loop (2015).

Loop is an initiative based on two main pillars: education and technology. Since 2015, over 12,000 participants have benefited from the coding academy's approach that combines technology and personalized teaching plans, crafted for each individual. Committed to encouraging the next generation of creators, entrepreneurs, and tech magnates, Loop is now launching an innovative tool to assist students in preparing for exams and in practicing to become computer scientists.

 LoopX is an online coding platform that focuses on four different programming languages —

 Python, C#, Java, and HTML — and offers students more than 1,000 challenges in each of these languages. Students will be able to take advantage of LoopX by purchasing packs according to their level of expertise and participate in different online courses. The packages range from beginners to university level.

LoopX also offers computer science practice exams so that students can reach their full potential by practicing with problems similar to the ones expected in tests. It is a new way of exercising in a dynamic, complete, and engaging fashion.

Additionally, users can build websites in LoopX. Strengthening website building skills can be a crucial factor for improving your computer prowess and turning you into the best professional possible. 

LoopX gives students a way of having a significant advantage in a very competitive field. With this platform, We take another step into the direction of revolutionizing technological education, by helping tomorrow's computer scientists profit the most out of today's opportunities.